Welcome to IE Skills Academy

We differentiate ourselves through a belief that this is more than a game, compelled to innovate and create a future environment we are proud of, and that young people thrive in.

Our purpose focuses on the long-term success of young people. We prepare these individuals through education, creativity and enterprise to excel in their chosen discipline and reach new and unprecedented levels to realise the best version of themselves.

Our mission recognises that competitive gaming and esports is a digital access point that connects young people with opportunity through activities they are passionate about. We guide our learners on how best to approach, engage and inspire in this space.

Our Objectives

Use gaming, competitive gaming and esports as a gateway

Create life changing gaming hubs for all young people

Accelerating youth engagement, creativity and  enterprise

Pathway building digital skills & self confidence for the future

Vocational learning and accredited educational programmes


The Innovation Esports Skills Academy gives young people the opportunity to develop a career pathway via gaming and esports starting with fun creative learning, moving into deeper mixed learning using tools such as Unreal, Twin Motion, Fortnite Creative and Roblox Studio through to more formalised vocational qualifications leading to new employment opportunities.

Skills Clubs - Policies and Procedures