Game Design in the Unreal Engine (5 Days)

Game Design in the Unreal Engine (5 Days)

Monday 25th July – Friday 29th July

Across five days learners will explore the power and creativity of the Unreal Engine one of the industry leading professional creative tools for game development. Learners will experience and work through the full arc of game ideation, conception, game planning, game design and creation, culminating in the chance to demonstrate, share, play their own and their peers’ games.

From design visualizations and cinematic experiences to high-quality games across PC, console, mobile, virtual and mixed realities the Unreal Engine will give our learners a huge range of skills that can be continued at home. We will used established, industry-leading solutions to deliver high quality game projects.

This course covers the fundamentals including; Projects & Levels, Actor Types, Meshes & Brushes, Lighting, Materials, Characters & Input, Collisions, Blueprint Logic & Data, User Interfaces, Audio.

The course is suitable for beginners, no prior programming knowledge is required. Follo wing ideation, conception and planning you will learn how to install, configure and run the Unreal Engine. This will be followed an introduction to the basic concepts of game development using the Engine followed by structured theor y and practice of the skills you need to craft environments to stage your games in.

Once the stage is set you will learn how to script logic for your game, this is where you define game rules and behaviors, keep track of data such as health and inventory, and create playable characters. You will learn about collisions and damage, key concepts for any action game. You will learn how to create user interfaces using the UMG Editor, so you can add things like menus, load screens, and HUDs to your game. And finally, you will learn how audio works within the Engine so you can add music, dialogue, and sound effects to your game.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the skills necessary to translate ideas for games into playable games that use environments you sculpt and logic that you define, and you will understand how to make a game in Unreal Engine.

  • Suitable for ages from 12 years old
  • This lesson is suitable for those with experience using a PC
  • Little or no experience using real-time 3D creation tools
  • We will provide you with everything you need for the course


What kind of experience will the course provide
  • Introduction to Unreal including installation and configuration
  • Creating game Levels using the Level editor
  • Understanding and managing Actors in the Unreal Engine
  • Level Blueprints, Blueprint Editor, Classes, Nodes, Functions
  • Players and Inputs: Game Modes, Charaters & Controllers
  • Collisions: creating events, managing collisions, damage management
  • Understanding and using all the Unreal Engine User Interfaces
  • Creating, loading and managing game sounds & game audio

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Mon – Fri Aug 2022


9:00 am – 5:00 pm




University of Surrey
Stag Hill, University Campus, Guildford GU2 7XH
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