At Innovation Esports Skills Academy we want to work with parents, carers and guardians to make sure that every young person has the support they need to achieve their full potential. Like any successful partnership, we welcome and value your thoughts and feedback so that we can continuously improve our services for young people.

What we offer?

Holiday Clubs

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Skills Clubs

A fun learning experience for everyone. Join us for half, full-day or week long sessions exploring World-Building, Metahumans and Problem Solving all while having fun and learning new digital skills.

Online Courses

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Skills Academy

A series of individual, tutor led and self-learning courses designed to excite, engage and help young people learn and develop new skills. These courses teach skills in a specific area and act as a gateway into new opportunities.

Learning Support

We recognise that all students are different and will learn in different ways. Our courses offer a mix of structured learning alongside practical experience but our team has extensive experience in supporting learners and our tutors and support staff are available to help you if you need them.

We treat each case individually and can advise and make suitable adjustments to meet the needs of each student.

To find out more information about learning support, please e-mail us at: