Any educational institution is only as good as the people delivering the learning and this is something we are very conscious of. It was a fundamental principle of our academy to ensure we provide a good balance of structured learning alongside real-world knowledge and practical experience. It is for this reason that we carefully select our tutors and work closely with our guest lecturers who themselves have a depth of experience that they can share with our students.

Engaging with our guest lecturers challenges our learners to think more deeply and gives them the opportunity to understand how they need to present themselves and their ideas when they start their chosen career. Building a relationship with our lecturers also gives learners some relationships in the industry that they can build on.

Our goal is to help young people turn their passion into practical digital skills, giving them the opportunity to develop a career pathway via gaming and esports.

At the Innovation Esports Skills Academy we are extremely excited to be providing a suite of progressive, innovative and engaging programmes that meet all our learners’ requirements. Recognising that gaming and esports are a passion point for people, and as the technologies and skills within the sector have evolved to span across industries, we offer all our students a gateway of opportunity, supporting them as they move onwards into a successful and fulfilling career.

We are able to offer unparalleled access to leading edge industry expertise, talent and live business developments. Ultimately, we want to support our young people into our ever growing and evolving industry. We are committed to delivering all elements of these multitudinous educational opportunities, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality pathways, letting our young people move their interest, to a passion, into a multi-faceted career opportunity.

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